10 minutes Cooking time 10 minutes Enough for 8 people the components Four tablespoon

   Categories Latest articles Most popular Main / Soups / How to make Abu Jebba lentils How to make Abu Jebba lentils Written by: Enough Al-Abadi Last updated: 11:08, 21 January 2020 Related How to make black lentils How to boil lentils for koshari How to make lentil kofta in Jubba How to make lentils for koshari Contents 1 lentil 2 Abu Jebba made lentils 3 Make brown lentil soup Lentils Brown lentils are considered one of the most widely used types of lentils among people. Their taste is desirable to many people, and their benefits are many, such as containing a high percentage of protein, vitamins, and mineral salts that are important for the body. They are used in the preparation of many foods, such as mujaddara, lentil ragag, and koshari. Abu Jubba lentil dish is one of the dishes that people prefer to eat in the winter, as it is served hot and provides the body with warmth. As for how to use it, we will present it in this article. PUBLICITÉ Video you may like: Abu Jebba made lenti
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